Welcome to EXODUS!
You and your group of “archaeologists” are up against time to unearth the scattered pieces of the Ten Commandments and return them to the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies.
Your archenemy and adversary, Archaeology Professor Wormwood, who covers up more than he digs, is quickly placing explosives to bury the way to the promised land forever.
The Israelites took 40 years, you and your associates have 40 minutes, plus a 20 minute grace period, to find “The Way” and boldly approach the throne of Grace where you will be greatly rewarded for your efforts.
Blazing Evasion Squad Team (BEST): 40:51
FQuest Times:
Friday & Saturday Nights, Please call to schedule a day & time
Please arrive at least 15 min’s before.
Carol Jeanne Keller –
or email at glory@obcnc.org
All are welcome to participate. There is no cost for the quest, but donations to Heartbeats Pregnancy Care Center, would be gladly accepted. 
Covid 19 or Flu Concerns? Our Exodus – Escape Room was designed Covid/virus conscious. Each team will enter the church thru one entrance and enjoy concessions in a private room, while they receive instruction from our host. Meanwhile another team that is finishing their escape room experience will exit the church thru a different door and will not come into contact with your team. Then the escape room is aired out (15 mins) while the puzzle pieces and props are sanitized and reset for your teams quest. Once your team is directed to the escape room and your quest begins, the greeting and and concession rooms are sanitized before our next guests arrive. From our perspective, Exodus – Escape Room is the safest group activity you can do in 2020, definitely the funnest.