Statement Of Beliefs

Olivet Baptist Church adheres to the Bible as the inerrant Word of God without mixture of error. We accept the teachings of the Baptist Faith and Message as an outline of biblical truths on which we stand. We are autonomous in our policy, but voluntarily participate with the South Fork Baptist Association, the North Carolina Baptist State Convention, and the Southern Baptist Convention. Our church believes in the bodily resurrection of Christ, the pre-millennial rapture of the church, and the second coming of Christ. We believe that those who die without Christ have no hope of heaven –  yet, while they are alive, they have every opportunity to miss hell and gain heaven by acceptance of Christ as their Savior. We accept the eternal security of the believer, while not forgetting that God judges the sins of believers and non-believers. We believe in the sanctity of life from the moment of conception till our entrance into eternity. We believe that God’s plan for marriage and the home has always been one man and one woman bound in by love for each other and God, united together in holy Christian matrimony. We believe that the Bible teaches that our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit and that we should strive to keep ourselves acceptable in all our ways before God and others. We have a ministry to share the Gospel with the entire world. Olivet does this through community, state, national, and Olivet2_610world missions. We give to the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention and thereby support some 6,000 missionaries around the world. However, we believe that every believer is a missionary and is to share the Gospel with those around them.The Bible teaches that if our Gospel were hid, it is hidden to those that are lost. Olivet seeks, in every ministry we have, to point people toward our Savior, Jesus Christ. We unashamedly believe that Christ is the only way to God. A person can become a member of Olivet by their profession of faith in Christ Jesus and willingness to be baptized by immersion. We will also accept membership by a letter from a sister church or by an oral statement that one has been baptized by immersion, all based on a person’s profession of having Christ as Savior.